Message From the Owner

The Future of Vacuum Knowledge, Education and Technology is Here

The science of vacuum is little understood by most people, and yet the applications of vacuum technology in business and industry are essential to modern living and to our economy. Vacuum use spans the world, from deep under the earth to the heights of space. With vacuum, we manufacture products, process food, preserve the environment, generate power, defend our country, improve health and advance scientific research.

We know vacuum. DEKKER is the leading authority in vacuum technology, with unmatched technical expertise and product knowledge. Our understanding of vacuum is generational. We have vacuum experts with decades of experience, who themselves had learned from experts with decades of experience. Today, a new generation of experts is ascending. With every project and client, we collaborate, learn and improve our capabilities. We have a passion for excellence built on knowledge.

As CEO of DEKKER, I realize the importance of maintaining this momentum in moving vacuum forward, ensuring that the industry is always able to provide the foundation in vacuum technology that the world needs to evolve.  

With this website, knowledge database, Vacuum University and other initiatives, DEKKER is committed to consolidating and archiving our sum knowledge of vacuum, and equally important, making that knowledge understandable and available to the public. Our goal is to be the single, most comprehensive resource of vacuum information in the world.

First and foremost, DEKKER always strives to exceed our customers' expectations. Beginning with this website, everyone can be a client or an end-user of our vacuum knowledge. Our website is the portal to your personal vacuum education experience.


Rick Dekker, CEO
DEKKER Vacuum Technologies