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Innovation Begins with DEKKER at AWFS

DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, a world leader in vacuum solutions for the woodworking industry, is bringing its A-Plus game in innovation to the AWFS®Fair 2019. DEKKER is changing the narrative for liquid ring vacuum technology, and attendees can feel it – literally – at AWFS.

Borrowing the theme of this year’s fair, “Innovation Begins Here,” DEKKER will be introducing an exciting new product that will become a significant “Plus” for CNC routing (pod systems and nested parts) and other woodworking applications that require deep vacuum and powerful hold-down force.

It’s a paradigm shift that brings a new generation of liquid ring technology to the forefront, surpassing standards defined by current dry rotary vane performance.

DEKKER will be a returning exhibitor at Booth 7842 of the AWFSFair 2019, to be held July 17–20, 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The biennial event, produced by the nonprofit Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers®, is the largest gathering in North America of woodworking equipment and technology professionals.


The DEKKER booth will be hosted by:

  • Rick Dekker, CEO
  • Charles Mitchell, President
  • Sajid Khan, PE, PMP, Research & Development Manager
  • Kevin Kalk, Global Distribution & OEM Manager
  • Chris Kauffman, Business Development Manager – Midwest
  • Jon Sanders, Business Development Manager – Southeast
  • David Cruz, Business Development Manager – Latin America
  • Richard Gutierrez, Business Development Manager - West Coast
  • James Ziegler, Applications Engineer
  • Cassie Carlson, Marketing

“Innovation in vacuum technology has played a critical role in the success of DEKKER since my father, Jan Dekker, first developed the concept of the oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system,” explained Rick Dekker, CEO. “This year at AWFS, we’re proud to continue the tradition with our latest breakthrough product. It has been in development over several years by our engineering team with broad experience in the woodworking industry.”


A Hold-Down Force to be Reckoned Withww

DEKKER will provide the opportunity to experience the force of innovation at AWFS. The company booth will feature a demonstration where attendees can feel the superiority in hold-down force of the new DEKKER product versus a comparable dry rotary vane product. Most vacuum suppliers cannot exceed 24”HgV, while DEKKER reaches a deep vacuum level of 29”HgV.

Vacuum level is critical to the creation of hold-down force – and hold-down force is the key to efficient, profitable woodworking operations.

R&D Manager Sajid Khan said, “Innovation at DEKKER is targeted to customer needs. We create a close, professional collaboration with our customers to achieve a keen understanding of the engineering challenges they face. We then translate those challenges to solutions that open new opportunities for success.”

DEKKER President Charles Mitchell stated, “As expected, our flagship product, the Vmax, will be on display in our booth and our customer’s booths throughout the show. But this year, DEKKER is introducing a new product – it’s compact and powerful, delivering vacuum performance that our competitors are unable to achieve. Our customers already experience the advantages of oil-sealed liquid ring technology in woodworking applications firsthand; minimal maintenance requirements, 20% greater hold-down force compared to other vacuum technologies, and more. We’re aiming to pass these benefits along to companies that have yet to experience the DEKKER difference. To be the best, you must continuously improve to make it even better. A testament to that mentality will be on display this July.”

DEKKER provides vacuum solutions for a wide range of wood and plastic applications, including CNC routing, drilling, engraving, laminating, milling, thermoforming and veneering. Because woodworking is one of the most abusive work environments for vacuum pumps, all DEKKER pumps and systems are engineered with superior efficiency and reliability to deliver maximum productivity under the harshest conditions.



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