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February 1, 2010 09:34 AM

February 2010 - Michigan City, IN

Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. has launched VacComm, the newest advancement of control and monitoring of vacuum systems.  A standard on several vacuum pump system configurations, the controller focuses on enhancing run condition awareness by tracking performance, preventing unplanned down time and preserving the quality of the vacuum system.

The VacComm has unmatched features compared to other control and monitoring systems in the vacuum industry.  The VacComm features a user friendly microprocessor based interface that allows flexibility for the customer to make changes or upgrades.  The customer receives enhanced trouble shooting and customer support with optional remote connection capabilities.

Created on a custom controller platform, the VacComm’s LCD screen displays critical system parameters temperatures, pressure, fluid levels, service intervals, replacement parts, fault log and support contact information.

OnDek is Dekker’s exclusive telemetry and software package offering premium monitoring and data logging of critical system information. With the custom software, users may view the vacuum system’s health, data logging and dynamic schematic monitoring.

Contact Dekker Vacuum Technologies today at 888-925-5444, to learn more about the VacComm or OnDek and how it can benefit your application.  Visit us on the web at


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