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March 1, 2008 09:34 AM

March 2008 - Michigan City, IN

Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. Vmax multiplex oil sealed liquid ring system with variable frequency drive (VFD) are reliable for tough industrial applications such as woodworking, glass manufacturing, plastic thermoforming, printing and envelope manufacturing.

Consisting of two, three or four simplex liquid ring systems, Dekker’s advanced design combines benefits of the Vmax oil sealed liquid ring pumps with VFD motor speed control.  The VmaxVFD industrial vacuum systems are micro-processor controlled and offer substantial energy savings by automatically adjusting pump speed to match varying vacuum demand.  This also eliminates frequent stop-starts and results in more stable vacuum levels.  Liquid ring pumps have only one moving part resulting in high reliability, a cooler and quieter operation, lower maintenance costs and increased up-time.  The alternation program is based on actual run-time hours assuring balanced usage on pumps.  Dekker’s VmaxVFD product is a new approach to energy-efficient vacuum systems allowing simple cost-effective future expansion for customers who anticipate a building expansion or increased demand.  Expanding from a duplex up to a quad is as simple as adding a few voltage wires and a program change.

The VFD main control panel is separate and includes logic controller (PLC) and proprietary process controller (PID).  The panel provides a single location for system control and aggregating alarm outputs for remote monitoring. Wall-mounted, the main panel needs only low voltage wiring to the individual pump controls.  The VFD motor control lowers energy cost by adjusting speed to match varying vacuum demand.  The proprietary intelligent logic control monitors pumps and adjusts sequencing as availability or demand changes.

Contact Dekker Vacuum Technologies today for a solution to your industrial vacuum needs.  Find information about other industries and products at or contact an application engineer directly  at 888-925-5444.

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