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DEKKER Vacuum at Chem Show 2017: Faster, Smarter, Cleaner, More Efficient

September 26, 2017 08:30 AM
Chem Show 2017


DEKKER Vacuum at Chem Show 2017: Faster, Smarter, Cleaner, More Efficient

Michigan City, IN (September 2017) – DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, a world leader in providing vacuum technology and solutions, shares a goal with the biennial Chem Show event -- helping chemical processing industries (CPI) “meet the ongoing demand for faster, smarter, cleaner, and more efficient processing facilities.”

DEKKER will be a returning exhibitor to Chem Show, the largest North American event exclusively focused on the processing of fluids, powders and gases, and a showcase for processing products and technology. Chem Show 2017 will be held October 31 to November 2, 2017, in New York City, and will host 5,000 industry professionals and 300 exhibiting companies.

Representing DEKKER at booth 840 will be:

  • Scot Desiderio, Chemical/Petrochemical/Oil & Gas/Pulp & Paper/Mining, Business Development Manager
  • John Hyrb, PE, PMP, East Coast U.S. Business Development Manager
  • Mike Amick, Applications Engineer
  • Cassie Carlson, Business Development Coordinator 

DEKKER is the Smart Choice for Product Reliability

DEKKER pumps, compressors and systems have a number of significant applications in CPI, including vacuum degassing, crystallization, vacuum stripping, vacuum reactors, gas compression (including the safe compression of hydrogen and chlorine), gas boosters, and laboratory vacuum.

“Performance drives profitability,” Desiderio said. “DEKKER helps deliver fast, clean, efficient chemical processing that maximizes production. The DEKKER TiTan and Maxima pumps and compressors have provided years of safe, reliable operation all over the world.”

The TiTan™ series single-stage (6 to 1,200 CFM) and two-stage (15 to 2,000 CFM) liquid ring pumps are designed to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards for heavy-duty applications, with low operating noise levels and low maintenance, and are offered in a variety of materials to meet most process conditions.

Maxima™ large capacity single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps are available from 700 to 39,500 ACFM with vacuum capabilities up to 29” Hg. The reliable, heavy-duty design offers reduced seal-liquid consumption, no metal-to-metal contact, external bearings and low operating noise levels.

DEKKER is the Smart Choice for Service

After-sales support enhances the customer relationship, according to Desiderio. “To assist in maintaining the optimal performance of our liquid ring products, we offer our Gold Standard in service and support worldwide.” TiTan and Maxima liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors have a 2-year warranty.

“DEKKER has been an indispensable CPI supplier for 20 years,” he added. “Our experience and service are proven advantages. Our ability to solve problems and meet customer expectations is second to none.”

The Chemicals of Our Lives

The processing of chemicals is not only vital to the economy, but to every aspect of daily living. A few examples indicate the usefulness chemicals have in our lives:

  • Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is the most produced chemical in the world. According to Survey of Industrial Chemistry, a country's sulfuric acid production is an accurate indicator of its industrial strength. It is used to manufacture fertilizer, to remove impurities in petroleum, and to produce detergents, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, antifreeze, paint and many other commodities.
  • Ethylene (C2H4) is used to produce polyethylene, the world's most widely used plastic. It is used to make packaging, detergents and additives. Ethylene gas is used commercially to ripen fruits such as tomatoes and bananas. 
  • Nitrogen (N2), as a gas or liquid, has many industrial uses, including food preservation, in chemical analysis, as a refrigerant, to manufacture stainless steel, to freeze blood and tissue samples, and even to pressurize kegs of beer.

Chem Show attendees represent the diversity of process industries, including adhesives, ceramics, cosmetics, food and beverage, metals, paints, pharmaceuticals, plastics and soaps.

Chem Show is endorsed by leading industry associations, including the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers (ACC&CE), the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA), the Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA), and the Hydraulic Institute (HI).

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Established in 1998, DEKKER Vacuum Technologies manufactures and packages liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, rotary piston and rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems for markets such as plastics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, metal processing, food processing, chemical, power generation, aerospace and many others. DEKKER is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and can build to API 681, PIP 004 and NFPA 99 for healthcare and laboratories.

DEKKER is a privately held company with more than 60 employees, operating in an 81,000 square foot manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facility in Michigan City, Indiana.

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