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Knowledge is the Foundation of World-Class Manufacturing and Service

Our reputation is built on decades of accumulated knowledge. DEKKER’s talented management team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the vacuum pump industry and more than 150 years of collective applications engineering knowledge, providing solutions in nearly 30 applications.

DEKKER has always emphasized innovation, and it continues to play a key role today. We developed liquid ring vacuum technology. Our vacuum experts stay current on the latest industry advances to expand our knowledge base. We learn every day.

DEKKER is committed to sharing our knowledge to the benefit of our customers and the industries we serve. We offer factory training on many subjects for authorized distributors. Our Vacuum University project, currently in development, will open our knowledge database to wide access in an effort to bring a greater understanding of the fundamentals and advanced aspects of vacuum and how it applies to specific applications. 

“Our goal at DEKKER is to help our customers understand vacuum and all its application in their processes and provide the best solutions to their challenges.” - Rick Dekker, CEO, DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

DEKKER Knowledge in Action


DEKKER knowledge means we have the experience and solutions that other companies just can’t match.

Clients ranging from Borgess Medical Center to Mitsubishi to the Ivanpah Power Plant have benefited from our collaborative engineering approach, which takes customer needs through a three-step process beginning with a Vacuum Performance Assessment, from assessment to evaluation to solution. Whatever the industry, we are uniquely positioned to solve the most demanding industrial processing challenges requiring industrial vacuum applications. 

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