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Liquid Ring Leader at Chem Show



Michigan City, IN (date) – DEKKER Vacuum Technologies, a world leader in vacuum and compressor solutions for the Chemical Processing industry, will be a returning exhibitor to the 2019 edition of the Chem Show, the largest North American event exclusively focused on the processing of fluids, powders and gases.

As a U.S. based designer and manufacturer of the highest quality liquid ring vacuum pumps, liquid ring compressors, and older competitive legacy bolt-in replacements, DEKKER delivers what customers need when they need it, for the vacuum and low-pressure gas compression applications that are essential to critical separation processes used in the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Chem Show 2019 will be held October 22 to October 24, 2019, at the Javits Convention Center in New York, N.Y.

DEKKER will be represented at booth 616 by:

- Scot Desiderio, Business Development Manager -Chemical/Petrochemical/Oil & Gas/Pulp & Paper/Mining

- Brad Ladner, Business Development Manager - Northeast

- Cassie Carlson, Marketing


DEKKER Masters Liquid Ring Technology

The Dekker name had been recognized as innovators in oil-field liquid ring technology as far back as the 1970s. Today, the proven performance, durability and low-maintenance requirements of the DEKKER Vacuum Technologies LRVPs and LRCs make DEKKER one of the most trusted brands in oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical operations.

Versatile liquid-ring technology is used for CPI applications including vacuum distillation and stripping columns, evaporators, deaerators, reactors, solvent recovery systems, vacuum filters, monomer recovery systems, waste gas compression, gas boosters, coal-bed methane gas recovery, enhanced oil and gas recovery and vapor recovery systems.

DEKKER collaborates with customers to integrate cost-effective, custom-engineered vacuum and compression systems that meet the most exacting specifications for performance, power consumption, materials, space, noise reduction and environmental impact.


TiTan is U.S. Made

DEKKER manufactures single and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors up to 100 HP, available in a variety of materials, at their 81,000 square-foot facility in the United States. The Midwestern location gives customers fast access to needed technology throughout North America. (DEKKER distributors are also located worldwide.)

Vacuum applications range from 5 acfm to 39,000 acfm and 25 torr, and compression applications from 5 scfm to 1750 scfm and 110psig.

The TiTan™ single-stage and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors and Maxima™ liquid ring vacuum pumps are highly regarded, and are always highlighted at Chem Show. The TiTan line serves light to medium chemical process duty, and Maxima C, K and V pumps are for medium to heavy-duty chemical/petrochemical and refinery applications.

As replacement equipment is regularly needed to existing plant operations, DEKKER designs and manufactures direct bolt-in replacements for older competitive legacy models, so no expensive piping changes are required.

DEKKER’s bolt-ins replacements are for no longer supported or inadequately supported products, such as Nash CLs, 904s, SCs, ATs, TCs, H series vacuum pumps, HP series compressors and 1200 series compressors.


LRVPs and LRCs Offer Many Advantages for CPI

In addition to versatility, LRVPs are widely used in the CP industry because they offer a high tolerance of liquid and solid carryover without compromising mechanical integrity or efficiency. The liquid ring handles challenges that can cause catastrophic failure in other pump types, and can safely compress flammable and explosive gas streams.

Liquid ring machines perform reliably for years. Unlike other types of vacuum pumps and compressors, they don’t need to be rebuilt or replaced on a regular basis. The pump has only one moving part, and there is no metal-to-metal contact between the impeller and the casing, so the pump is wear-free. No internal lubrication is needed, and the pump runs at low operating temperature and speed.

Low maintenance is another significant advantage. In general, borescope and capacity tests can be applied every five years of operation or as necessary.

The liquid ring vacuum pump results in optimal reliability, productivity and ROI in each application.



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