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May 1, 2008 08:58 AM

October 2008 - Michigan City, IN

Medical vacuum applications in hospitals and clinics are far more critical than industrial applications. In surgical procedures, loss of vacuum can mean loss of lives. Therefore, the most reliable vacuum pump systems are required.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers reliable vacuum system solutions in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country.  From large university hospitals to small community medical centers and clinics.

Greg Widener, Maintenance & Engineering Manager, from Borgess Medical Center states, “The reliability, noise reduction, and elimination of water were our driving forces for a decision to install 7 Vmax compact 10 hp oil-sealed units. We have eliminated short run times, frequent motor starts and coupling failures that were significantly affecting our abilities to keep up with repairs and maintenance.  The energy and water conservation efforts have saved our facility approximately $40,000 annually.”

The vacuum experts at Dekker understand this and have designed specific solutions to meet these very demanding and critical needs.

Contact Dekker Vacuum Technologies today for your medical application vacuum solution. Call us toll-free at 888-925-5444 or visit us online at


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