Siemens Logo PLC - Memory Card Compatibility

Each Vmax system is tested and checked at the factory prior to shipment to ensure trouble-free operation. In the unlikely event you encounter a problem, we recommend that you consult with your local distributor for parts/service. Remember, when calling for service, parts or system information, always have the pump or system model number and serial number ready.

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WARNING! Before attempting any repairs, disconnect all power from the system by switching off power at the main breaker or disconnect switch. Always use appropriate Lock Out - Tag Out procedures.

In the event the Siemens LOGO! PLC requires an update to the program (not just the parameters), a new program can be installed through the use of a memory chip. Programs are kept on file at DEKKER Vacuum Technologies. Copies of the original program supplied in the PLC or modified programs can be purchased through DEKKER Vacuum.

LOGO! provides memory modules for storing programs and for buffering the real-time clock. The different cards have different color codes and order numbers. However, not all memory modules can be used in all the LOGO! device series. The following table gives an overview of which program module is compatible with which LOGO! device series.


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