Troubleshooting Free Floating Lever Liquid Drain Traps

Issue: How to troubleshoot free floating lever style liquid drain traps installed on vacuum pump systems used in priming applications.

Each Vmax system is tested and checked at the factory prior to shipment to ensure trouble free operation. In the unlikely event you encounter a problem, we recommend that you consult with your local distributor for parts/service. Remember, when calling for service, parts or system information, always have the pump or system model number and serial number ready.

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For units utilizing free-floating lever liquid drainer traps, there may be times when the liquid drainer does not discharge.

WARNING! Before attempting any repairs, disconnect all power from the system by switching off power at the main breaker or disconnect switch. Always use appropriate Lock Out - Tag Out procedures.

If the liquid drainer does not discharge, check for the following:

  • Insufficient liquid is coming to the drainer to permit discharge. Continue operation.
  • Drainer is filled with dirt or sludge. Remove the drainer and clean thoroughly. Install a strainer on the inlet side of the drainer to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Differential pressure across the drainer is too high. Check the inlet and outlet pressure. If the difference exceeds the maximum pressure stamped on the drainer, the drainer will remain closed. Reduce the differential pressure if possible, or install a properly sized drainer.
  • Worn valve seat. As the seat becomes worn, the seating area enlarges, lowering the drainer’s maximum operating pressure. Replace with a new drainer.
  • Inlet or outlet line valves are closed. Open the valves.
  • Strainer is clogged. Clean the strainer screen.
  • Collapsed float. Replace with a new drainer.

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