Oil Capacity Chart For Standard Vmax Systems

Standard Vmax System Oil Capacity

The main advantage of the Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum system is the use of water — and the corrosion, waste and cost associated with it — has been completely eliminated. The chart below lists the amount of oil for a standard Vmax simplex system. For multiplex systems, multiply the oil capacity times the number of systems in the multiplex.


Standard System Capacities
VMX0553 17 Gallons
VMX0453 17 Gallons
VMX0303 11 Gallons
VMX0203 11 Gallons
VMX0153 6 Gallons
VMX0103 6 Gallons
VMX0083 6 Gallons
VMX0063 5 Gallons
VMX0036  2 Gallons


Remember, when calling for service, parts or system information, always have the pump or system model number and serial number ready.

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