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Introducing the NEW Generation of Liquid Ring Technology


Power PLUS! Performance PLUS! Price PLUS!

DEKKER Vacuum is proud to unveil the first model of a NEW series of liquid ring vacuum pump systems: the VmaxPLUS®.

DEKKER's VmaxPLUS is a 10 HP oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system designed for the toughest applications in the industrial, building supplies (CNC machining), aerospace, plastics, packaging, medical and other key industries.Whenever deep vacuum and high capacity are essential – with advantages that include lower maintenance costs, zero downtime, smaller footprint and reduced noise levels –  with a full three-year warranty – the VmaxPLUS outpowers, outperforms and outclasses comparable dry rotary vane pumps. Experience the DEKKER difference with the NEW VmaxPLUS.



                                                     The new VmaxPLUS liquid ring vacuum pump system delivers exceptional vacuum performance and superior hold-down force.


The new VmaxPLUS design is based on DEKKER's flagship product, the Vmax®. The DEKKER name has been recognized as an innovator in oil-sealed liquid ring technology since the 1970s. The company has continued to build on that reputation with the release of the VmaxPLUS.  Liquid ring technology is known throughout the industry for minimal maintenance requirements. Combine this with the extremely low operating noise levels and compact design of the VmaxPLUS, and you have the most desirable vacuum system for today's workplace.

To further enhance energy savings opportunities, the VmaxPLUS is available with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) option to control power consumption and to maintain constant pressure to eliminate part slippage. The VmaxPLUS is available in multiplex configurations, stacked upright to save space in your facility. 


VmaxPLUS Leaves Comparable Dry Rotary Vane Pumps in the (saw)Dust

Deeper Vacuum Level:
DEKKER’s Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems are proven to outperform the competition by achieving deep vacuum level and higher capacity. The performance of our VmaxPLUS at 24”Hg reaches 145 CFM, while a comparable dry rotary vane vacuum pump reaches only a mere 115 CFM.

Compact Design:
The most striking difference of this new series of Vmax system is the sleek design. The VmaxPLUS has a significantly smaller footprint, making it a definite space-saving solution for your CNC router table.

Superior Hold-Down:
DEKKER performance under pressure eliminates parts slippage. The higher the vacuum, the greater the pressure differential – which delivers superior, sustained hold-down force. Maintaining a constant holding pressure on your work piece means higher quality product and production rates. Your CNC router requires a level of power that only DEKKER can deliver!

Exclusive to woodworking operations, DEKKER offers an inlet filter and vacuum relief valve as standard, to protect the pump from ambient contaminants and to extend the life of the system.


Vmax: The PLUS with the Most

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely employed in tough industries because of their high tolerance of liquid and solid carryover without compromising the pumps’ mechanical integrity or efficiency. Unlike other types of vacuum pumps, liquid ring machines don’t need to be rebuilt or replaced on a regular basis. The pump has only one moving part, and there is no metal-to-metal contact between the impeller and the casing. Liquid ring technology can handle the severest challenges year in and year out, and DEKKER is one of the industry’s leading providers. Some Vmax systems are still steadily performing after nearly 20 years of operation!

It’s a paradigm shift that brings this new generation of liquid ring technology to the forefront, surpassing standards defined by current comparable oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pumps and dry rotary vane performance. DEKKER is excited to introduce the DEKKER difference of superior oil-sealed liquid ring technology with the new VmaxPLUS.




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