Reliable Performance, Maximum Efficiency, Custom Solutions

Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers vacuum system solutions in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country... from large university hospitals to small community medical centers and clinics.

One consultation with our vacuum experts will demonstrate the difference between our approach to providing vacuum solutions and that of the typical medical equipment supplier where the vacuum pump system is only a catalog item, often based on price, without taking particular site requirements into consideration.

Our experts can provide you with a detailed vacuum solutions approach to optimize the efficiency of your medical vacuum systems and build systems that meet NFPA99 specifications. We can also help improve your bottom line and overall satisfaction by:

  • Reducing Operating Costs
  • Improving Reliability
  • Lowering Maintenance Costs
  • Stabilizing Vacuum Levels
  • Improving Safety
  • Reducing Operating Sound Levels

Vmax Liquid ring pumps for the Medical industry

Medical applications in hospitals and clinics are far more critical than industrial applications. In surgical procedures, loss of vacuum can mean loss of lives. Therefore, the most reliable vacuum pump systems are required. The vacuum experts at Dekker understand this and have designed specific solutions to meet these very demanding and critical needs.

At the heart of every Vmax NFPA 99 compliant MEDICAL oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system are at least two high-efficiency Titan single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, known for heavy-duty construction, reliability, low operating noise levels and very low maintenance.

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At Dekker, our wide range of vacuum pumps and custom system configurations provide solutions for every critical application in the Medical industry. Whatever your application, we can design custom vacuum pump systems that work in your environment. One consultation with our vacuum experts will demonstrate the Dekker difference. We will find vacuum solutions that improve performance and deliver a rapid payback on investment due to reduced downtime and decreased maintenance.

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Recommended Vacuum Pumps for hospitals and medical applications

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Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems


  • Rugged, high quality industrial system
  • Extremely low operating noise level
  • Tolerant of carryover of soft solids
  • Air-cooled heat exchangers
Dekker Product Image Vmax Series GRAY CIRCLE

Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

DuraVane Series

  • Industrial-grade components in the pumping module
  • Rugged, high quality industrial system
  • Built-in gas ballast for water vapor handling
  • Integrated bypass valve in the exhaust filters
DURAVNE System - grey Circle

Water Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

AquaSeal Series

  • Rugged, high quality industrial system
  • Available in a wide choice of materials
  • Include mechanical shaft seals as standard
  • Heavy-duty TEFC motors included
Aquaseal System - grey Circle