Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


The DuraVane series, expertly engineered for harsh industrial applications, offers reliable and efficient vacuum performance, complemented by a compact design and industrial-grade components built for demanding environments. With features like integrated mist filters for clean operation, a cooling system for extended oil life, and minimal noise and vibration, the DuraVane series is the ideal choice for industries ranging from woodworking to electronics.


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Oil-Sealed Vacuum Technology for Demanding Environments

A Rugged, Highly-Reliable, Easy to Maintain Vacuum Solution


At Dekker, our mission has always been to deliver world-class vacuum solutions backed by unbeatable service and support. With this in mind, the Dekker DuraVane vacuum pump series was engineered specifically for industrial applications requiring robust rough vacuum solutions. Each pump in the DuraVane line delivers constant, reliable vacuum performance, all the while operating quietly and efficiently. This combination of reliability and efficiency, derived from time-tested oil-sealed rotary vane principles and industrial-grade components, positions the DuraVane series as the ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications.

The DuraVane series not only stands out for its performance but also for its thoughtful design features that ensure optimal performance throughout its life cycle. Each pump comes with a built-in gas ballast to enhance water vapor handling capability, an integrated bypass valve to guard against over pressurization, and an optimized oil retention system that guarantees cleaner operations. Furthermore, the vacuum pumps feature an efficient cooling system, resulting in lower operating temperatures and prolonged oil life. Whether you're in woodworking, electronics, paper printing, or packaging, the DuraVane series offers the durability, reliability, and clean operation necessary to meet and exceed your industry demands.

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Key features

Rugged & Reliable Design

The Dekker DuraVane series is expertly engineered using tried and true oil-sealed rotary vane principles that have been used for years in a multitude of industrial applications. The compact vacuum pump design, proven time and time again, is capable of continuous operation over the course of its lifetime. The durable industrial-grade components found in the pumping module can withstand heavy use in the most demanding environments.

Optimizing Features

Boasting a long list of innovative features, the Dekker DuraVane series ensures optimal performance at the lowest possible lifecycle cost. To assist in water vapor handling capability, a built-in gas ballast comes standard with the pump. Other features include the lubricant retention and return mechanism which means that these machines are suitable for continuous operation between atmospheric pressure and their ultimate pressure. The integrated bypass valve in the exhaust filters protects the DuraVane against over pressurization.

Clean & Efficient Operation

The Dekker DuraVane series is designed with a smaller footprint and clean operation in mind. The vacuum pumps is upfitted with highly efficient integrated mist filters, optimized oil retention system, low noise and vibration level to minimize environmental impact. A highly efficient cooling system also enables low operating temperatures and increased oil life, improving overall reliability.

Lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity 7.7 - 494 CFM
Motor Size  0.8 - 25 HP
Oil-free (dry) rotary vane vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  3.6 - 88 CFM
Motor Size  0.2 - 5.3 HP
High vacuum rotary vane vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  3 - 12 CFM
Motor Size  0.5 - 1.25 HP