Single & Two-Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps


Offered as a single or two-stage model, the Dekker HullVac Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps are expertly engineered for reliability and longer lifecycles.  With great performance, low maintenance, and ease of use, these pumps are built for the toughest industrial environment. The HullVac line is affordable and can save money on energy costs with their efficient design

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Designed and Built for Demanding Applications

Rugged and Efficient Rotary Piston Pumps


A blend of expert engineering and enduring performance, the Dekker HullVac Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump series, is tailored to demanding industrial environments where reliability isn't just desired but essential. Offered in both single and two-stage models, these pumps are the epitome of efficient design, significantly reducing energy costs without compromising on performance. The HV Series Single-Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps deliver a substantial operational range, from 52 to 850 CFM, proving to be an affordable yet robust choice for varied industrial applications. On the other hand, the HVC Series Two-Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps, with an operational capacity between 32 to 340 CFM, are exemplary when a deeper ultimate vacuum is sought; the two-stage design markedly enhances capacity below 250 microns whilst accommodating full gas ballast operation, maintaining a satisfying micron range blank off.

Along with its excellent performance, the modern design of the HullVac series demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to longevity and ease of maintenance. By eliminating the center-wall bearing, a common culprit for reduced bearing life due to potential oil contamination, the design significantly enhances the pump's lifecycle. A glance through the large diameter glass site port easily reveals the oil level and condition, even when the oil turns opaque, ensuring timely maintenance. The incorporation of Triple Redundant Viton shaft seals riding on hardened steel sleeves alongside superior O-ring sealing on side plates and valve deck bottoms are deliberate measures to guard against leakage, hence minimizing maintenance downtime. Internal sealing fluid channels replace the conventional exterior piping, thus mitigating risks associated with damage and leakage. Moreover, the tough valve assemblies, featuring heavy-duty studs, springs, and wear plates mounted to hardened steel seats, ensure that even minor components like broken springs won't compromise the pumping chamber's integrity. With Dekker’s HullVac series, you're not just investing in a vacuum pump, but a promise of enduring service, backed by a standard three-year warranty, heralded as the best in the industry.


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Key features

Improved Modern Design

No center-wall bearing | Eliminating this bearing means that the bearing will not be exposed to the pump oil, which could be contaminated leading to reduced bearing life.


Heavy duty studs, springs and wear plates are mounted to hardened steel seats designed to prevent broken springs from falling into the pumping chamber.


Side plates feature O-ring seal, which reduces maintenance time and prevents leakage. The bottom of the valve deck also contains an O-ring seal that is easy to replace. Other designs use paper seals, which are inferior and disintegrate causing plugging.

Single-stage vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  52 - 850 CFM
Motor Size  3 - 40 HP
Two-stage vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity 32 - 340 CFM
Motor Size  3 - 20 HP