Water-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems


Ideal for tough applications where corrosive gases are present, these systems are designed to be environmentally friendly and minimize pollution. Available in a wide choice of materials and can be set up for fully automatic operation. The AquaSeal system can be configured with either single-stage or two stage liquid ring pumps, and designed to meet process needs as a full recovery, partial recovery or no recovery option. 


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Custom Water-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

An Extremely Efficient and Environmentally Friendly


For many years, the liquid ring vacuum pump design has been considered the pump of choice for a wide range of industrial applications. The design offers advantages over other types of pumps, because there is no metal-to-metal contact of the rotating parts inside the pump. The bearings are located external to the pumping chamber and will not be affected by contaminated seal-fluid. In addition, the pump is capable of pumping saturated vapors. 

If your application requires durability and reliability, the DEKKER AquaSeal system is the system of choice. Three types of system configurations are offered: once-through (no recovery), partial recovery and full recovery. AquaSeal systems can use a wide variety of seal-fluids, depending on the application. If water usage is a concern, an AquaSeal full recovery package or a Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system may be an option. 

AquaSeal systems are available in capacities from 15 - 39,000 CFM and can be offered in a wide variety of materials for tough applications, where corrosive gases are present. Application engineers at DEKKER draw on a wealth of experience to select the best type of system for your application. From a single or multiple pump system, to a combination system (such as blower/liquid ring or hybrid), DEKKER has the expertise to design and engineer the package required for any application. 

The greatest benefit that DEKKER has to offer is single-source responsibility for system design and manufacturing. Backed by an extensive network of domestic and global service centers, DEKKER offers the support your company needs. Having application problems? Need help in designing a system or sizing a vacuum pump? Call today to talk to our application experts, who will be happy to assist you.

Liquid Ring Pump Configurations

No Recovery

As the name implies: water fed to the vacuum pump is discharged down the drain or used for another purpose in the process.

Partial Recovery

About 50% of the seal water is re-circulated while fresh seal water is added for make-up. Consideration must be given to heat build-up.

Full Recovery

Close to 100% of the seal water is recovered and re-used. Because of heat build-up, a heat exchanger might be need to be used for this configuration.

Single-stage motor mounted vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  20 - 150 CFM
Motor Size  1.5 - 10 HP
Single-stage vacuum pumps  
Nominal Capacity  20 - 1,200 CFM
Motor Size 1.5 - 100 HP
Two-stage vacuum pumps  
Nominal Capacity  15 - 500 CFM
Motor Size  2 - 50 HP