Single & Two-Stage Large Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


The Dekker Maxima series of large capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps offers superior efficiency, reduced seal-liquid consumption, and exceptional reliability across its Maxima-K and Maxima-C lines. With design variations catering to a wide range of capacities and applications, the series embodies a heavy-duty, low-noise design supported by Dekker’s experts in vacuum technology.


Dekker Maxima Series - white Circle

Large Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Harsh Applications

An Extremely Efficient and Robust Vacuum Solution


Maxima-K Series: The Maximum-K line of large capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps by Dekker features a single stage design utilizing flat port plates. This allows the pump to operate efficiently across a wide vacuum range. Available at capacities ranging from 1,500 CFM to 39,000 CFM, the Maxima-K can handle large amounts of condensables with maximum efficiency. This design can also reduce seal-liquid consumption with no metal-to-metal contact. The reliable, heavy-duty design of these pumps also offer low operating noise and low maintenance.

Maxima-C Series: The Dekker Maxima-C line of large capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps features a robust canonical porting instead of a flat plate design allowing it to handle more seal liquid or liquid carryover. The Maxima-C is a heavy-duty design with a 20-blade shrouded rotor and multiple inlet/discharge configurations. This design offers maximum efficiency, low noise, low maintenance, and offers exceptional reliability.

Key features

Efficiency and Versatility

The Dekker Maxima Series boasts an innovative design that ensures operation across a vast vacuum spectrum. With a wide range of capacities, these pumps adeptly manage large quantities of condensables, guaranteeing optimal efficiency. The hallmark of the series lies in its reduced seal-liquid consumption and an innovative design with no metal-to-metal contact, offering both performance and durability.

Robustness and Reliability

The Maxima Series is synonymous with robustness, featuring unique porting designs tailored for enhanced efficiency and fluid management. Reinforced with a heavy-duty construction, the series incorporates advanced rotor designs and a versatile array of inlet/discharge configurations. This blend of features results in a pump series that promises maximum efficiency, minimal noise, low maintenance requirements, and unwavering reliability across the board.

Exceptional Benefits

Equipped with external bearings and a flexibility in material choice based on specific conditions, the pumps ensure smooth, adaptable operations. Coupled with low operating noise and steadfast reliability inherent to its construction, the series exemplifies excellence. Supported by the Dekker’s Gold Standard support, each pump from the Maxima Series undergoes rigorous testing, vouching for its premium quality and performance.

Maxima-K single-stage vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  1,050 - 39,000 CFM
Motor Size  100 - 1,900 HP
Maxima-C single-stage vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  200 - 22,600 CFM
Motor Size  10 - 1,200 HP
Maxima-C liquid ring compressor
Nominal Capacity  < 5,000 CFM
Pressure  < 88 psig
Large Capacity two-stage vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  600 - 2,800 CFM
Motor Size  32 - 230 HP