Dekker Service Sets the World-Class Standard

Dekker’s renowned “Gold Standard” technical support is a knowledge-backed guarantee based on the combined experience of our elite team of vacuum experts dedicated to resolve system challenges, streamline processes and optimize results. Dekker full-service support begins with first contact, continues through the sale and is maintained for the life of the client relationship.

At Dekker, we not only service our own pumps, we provide factory training for authorized distributors in more than a dozen categories, including vacuum basics, principles of operation of all Dekker product lines, maintenance, disassembly/assembly, troubleshooting, and PLC and VFD operation and troubleshooting.

Preventative Maintenance & Support Services

  • Factory repair and refurbishing
  • Rental program
  • Technical assistance
  • Predictive maintenance recommendations
  • Vacuum pump and system lifecycle info
  • Replace and repair components with genuine Dekker parts
  • Leak detection


Dekker Warranty & Registration

Warranty Registration

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