Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


Dekker's DuraVane Series, expertly crafted for industrial applications, delivers constant, clean, and quiet vacuum solutions backed by superior reliability and efficiency. Boasting a rugged build with high endurance graphite vanes, this pump promises minimal maintenance, easy installation, clean operation, and efficient performance, ensuring optimal results in even the most demanding environments.

Dekker Duravac oil free Series - white circle

Oil-Free Vacuum Technology for Demanding Applications

A Clean, Quiet, and Highly-Reliable Vacuum Solution


The Dekker DuraVane series stands as a testament to Dekker’s commitment to delivering high-quality vacuum products. Designed specifically for industrial applications demanding clean and robust vacuum solutions, these oil-free vacuum pumps not only offer consistent and dependable vacuum performance but are also contaminent-free, quiet, and efficient operation. The very essence of Dekker's dedication lies in the DuraVane's design, ensuring that customers always receive the best in both service and product.

Constructed for durability, the DuraVane vacuum pumps are crafted using top-tier materials, boasting a compact design that has been proven effective time and again, even in the most challenging application environments. High endurance graphite vanes further enhance its longevity, reducing wear and tear, and facilitating effortless maintenance. Furthermore, the series promises longer maintenance intervals, easy installation, and a clean operation that remains free of emissions, ensuring no contamination to any process. Its efficient air-cooled system ensures lower operating temperatures, further elevating its overall reliability.

Key features

Rugged Build

The DuraVane oil-free series is built using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and strength. High endurance graphite vanes contribute to increased longevity while minimizing wear and tear, resulting in easy maintenance. The compact vacuum pump design, proven time and time again, is capable of continuous operation over the course of its lifetime in the most demanding application environments.

Efficient & Easy to Maintain

Longer maintenance intervals and simplified servicing are achieved through the modular layout and uncomplicated, efficient pump mechanism design. The oil-free design with minimal friction sliding graphite vanes not only maximizes vacuum levels but also reduces overall lifecycle expenses.

Clean & Cool Operation

The Dekker DuraVane oil-free series is a dry oil-free vacuum technology delivers a clean operation with no emissions and contamination for your process. Its highly efficient air-cooled system also enables low operating temperatures, improving overall reliability.

Lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity 7.7 - 494 CFM
Motor Size  0.8 - 25 HP
Oil-free (dry) rotary vane vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  3.6 - 88 CFM
Motor Size  0.2 - 5.3 HP
High vacuum rotary vane vacuum pumps
Nominal Capacity  3 - 12 CFM
Motor Size  0.5 - 1.25 HP