The All New Dekker Gryphon Series

Michigan City, IN: With a reputation in the industry for manufacturing rugged and reliable vacuum solutions, Dekker Vacuum Technologies’ is excited to announce the Gryphon dry claw vacuum pumps as the newest addition to its extensive portfolio of industrial vacuum pumps. Expertly engineered and built for exceptional performance in harsh environments, the Gryphon dry claw pump series is the ideal pump of choice for plastic extrusion, woodworking, medical, thermoforming, conveying, and material handling. While simple in design, this plug-and-play solution comes packed with innovative features that make it more durable, easy to service, facility friendly, and efficient than its competition.


Designed and manufactured with superior construction materials and stainless-steel corrosion resistant coatings, the Gryphon’s durable build ensures longevity of the pump and industry leading performance. Depending on the application process, space can be limited, and employees find themselves in close proximity to the vacuum pump. Part of the innovative design of the Gryphon dry claw vacuum pump is its compact design and lower noise levels, making for an all-around improved working environment. While its facility friendly design is sure to be popular feature, its serviceability makes it even more desirable. If and when the Gryphon requires routine service or repair, the dry claw pump is engineered for easy maintenance. Long life bearings and seals, a separate and isolated pumping element, and the simplest of designs suited for quick access to the pumping chamber makes for easy cleaning in the event of product carry-over. All expertly designed for swift repair and service to minimize potential downtime.


So where other vacuum pump solutions might fall short, the Gryphon dry claw vacuum pump is equipped with everything needed to excel in improving the efficiency of applications and the quality of the end product. From its robust plug-and-play design to its ease of serviceability, the Gryphon dry claw pump series is ready to be put to the test.

About Dekker Vacuum Technologies

Dekker Vacuum Technologies, based in Michigan City, Indiana, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of tough and reliable vacuum solutions. The vacuum solutions designed and built at Dekker play a critical role in the demanding manufacturing processes like those in woodworking, food processing, medical, plastics and power generation. Backed by service and support you can always count on, Dekker’s desire to exceed expectations is built into every vacuum product and is easily recognizable in the service and support after the sale. Dekker Vacuum Technology employees are proud to have earned the reputation of being  – Dedicated. Dependable. Dynamic. Dekker.