All New Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Part of who we are at Dekker®, is the dedication we have to continuously improve and grow our product offerings to provide our customers the best vacuum pumps and systems for their processes. This level of dedication and drive is the reason we are excited to announce the newest additions to our DuraVane® Rotary Vane Series of vacuum pumps. The new DuraVane® vacuum pump offerings are oil-sealed rotary vane pumps that are expertly engineered to deliver constant and reliable vacuum, while being both quiet and efficient. This makes the Dekker® DuraVane® series the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

The Dekker® DuraVane® series is the ideal solution for many demanding industries that include:



CNC cutting and routing, loading and unloading systems.

Food Processing

General packaging, cheese processing, vacuum cooling of produce.

Meat Packaging

Fresh and cooked meats, poultry, tumbling, filling and sealing.

Plastics & Rubber

Thermoforming applications, extruder barrel degassing, mold degassing, material handling.


Pick and place components, PCB manufacture, central vacuum systems.

Paper & Printing

Presses (sheet fed, offset, etc.), bindery equipment including stitching lines and perfect binding, newspaper production, envelope machines.

Material Handling

Vacuum lifting, pick and place, bulk material transfer, pneumatic conveying, bottling, canning, vacuum sewage.

Medical Vacuum

Various evacuation duties. Modified Atmosphere Packaging: methods of protective oxygen removal.


While every one of these industries pose unique challenges for vacuum pumps, the Dekker® Duravane® oil-sealed vacuum pumps series is expertly designed using tried and true oil-sealed rotary vane principlesthat have been used for years in a multitude of industrial applications. The compact vacuum pump design, proven time and time again, is capable of continuous operation over the course of its lifetime.

The durable industrial-grade components found in the pumping module can withstand heavy use in the harshest environments.

Boasting a long list of innovative features, the Dekker® Duravane® series ensures optimal performance at the lowest possible lifecycle cost. To assist in water vapor handling capability, a built-in gas ballast comes standard with the pump. Other features include the lubricant retention and return mechanism which means that these machines are suitable for continuous operation between atmospheric pressure and their ultimate pressure. The integrated bypass valve in the exhaust filters protects the Duravane® against over pressurization.

Not only that, but the Dekker® Duravane® series is designed with a smaller footprint and clean operation in mind. The vacuum pumps is upfitted with highly efficient integrated mist filters, optimized oil retention system, low noise and vibration level to minimize environmental impact. A highly efficient cooling system also enables low operating temperatures and increased oil life, improving overall reliability.