Solvent-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems


The Dekker ChemSeal series offers custom-engineered solvent-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems, designed specifically for solvent recovery in applications like vacuum distillation and drying. With Dekker's extensive experience, these units incorporate features like heat exchangers and condensers to achieve near 100% solvent recovery, catering to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries with options in materials.


Chemseal Systems - White Circle

Large Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Harsh Applications

An Extremely Efficient and Robust Vacuum Solution


ChemSeal liquid ring vacuum pump systems are liquid ring vacuum pump packages using the solvent recovered from the process as the sealing liquid. The units are designed as full recovery systems with heat exchanger to cool the sealing fluid.

ChemSeal vacuum systems are available in a capacity range from 15 - 39,000 CFM in a single pump and ChemSeal compressor systems are available in a capacity range from 15 - 39,000 CFM (15-30psig) in a single acting compressor design, or a double acting compressor design up to 5000 CFM (90psig). They operate at vacuum levels down to 25 Torr and with the addition of condensers, can recover close to 100% of the solvent. Typical applications are: vacuum distillation and drying.

Application engineers at DEKKER Vacuum Technologies offer unmatched expertise, based on years of experience in the vacuum industry and are available to answer any questions you may have

Single-stage vacuum systems  
Nominal Capacity  15 - 39,000 CFM
Single-stage compressor systems
Nominal Capacity  < 5,000 CFM
Pressure  < 90 psig