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Sales Profile with BIC Magazine

Scot Desiderio, business development manager for chemical, Desiderio_Headshotpetrochemical, and oil and gas at Dekker Vacuum Technologies, can't imagine working in another industry; he's found his best fit. Desiderio is passionate about his career with Dekker and enjoys solving customers' issues. BIC Magazine recently sat down with Desiderio to learn more about what led him to vacuum technologies and how it is important in this field to understand the complexities of the equipment he works with.

Q: What led to your position at Dekker?

A: After I graduated college in 1984, a friend's father reached out to me and asked if I would like to work for him at a vacuum pump company. I studied reciprocating and rotating equipment in college and thought, "This sounds like a nice fit" -- and it was! That decision has never disappointed. From rocking piston to rotary piston, gas jets to liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors, the technologies are as unique as each customer's individual challenge. Understanding how each technology works, both strengths and weaknesses, is the initial key to satisfying our customers' problems and concerns.

Q: What is the biggest news at Dekker right now?

A: We've made great strides to maintain a comprehensive inventory and deliver some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Dekker Vacuum manufactures our own line of liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors in the U.S. at our main facility in Northwest Indiana. We manufacture both single and two-stage machines at up to 100 horsepower (1,200 cubic feet per minute), meaning we can get our customers what they need when they need it.

For the chemical/petrochemical and refining industries, we also offer bolt-in replacements for older legacy pumps that are currently poorly supported or no longer supported. We have many customers in these industries who find it very difficult and expensive to change existing piping to these machines, and we have an answer for them: proven performance in demanding applications, saving our customers time and money.

Q: What is most important in leading your sales team?

A: Understanding the complex challenges involved with process vacuum and low-pressure gas compression. We're dealing with vapor pressures, partial gas pressures, expanding gases, low- and high-molecular- weight gases, and condensing and evaporation effects all become part of a challenging environment when compressing flammable solvents and explosive gases. We're applying our equipment to vacuum distillation and stripping columns, evaporators, deaerators, reactors, solvent recovery systems, vacuum filters, blend gas compression, waste gas compression, coal-bed methane gas recovery, enhanced oil recovery and vapor recovery systems. Solving our customers' problems, we're available when they need us, getting what they need when they need it.

Q: Are you looking to grow in new markets or expand in current ones?

A: Yes, we're always expanding and growing. The pulp and paper market is a growing industry for Dekker. We recently had success with a new paperboard plant being constructed in the Midwest, where Dekker is providing the largest liquid-ring vacuum pumps ever installed in North America. Our knowledge and experience continues to grow and prosper in pulp and paper and other markets, translating into unique solutions for challenging projects.

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