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Tired of replacing high-maintenance rotary vanes?
Need durable, long-lasting pumps with better performance?

DEKKER Vacuum’s liquid ring vacuum pump systems are the ideal solution because of their ability to perform efficiently in the woodworking industry’s extreme operating conditions. DEKKER pumps can tolerate carryover of liquids and soft solids without compromising ultimate reliability.

Learn How DEKKER’s Liquid Ring Outperforms Dry Rotary Vane

Due to the demanding, sawdust-heavy environment of woodworking applications, DEKKER designed Vmax systems to reach deep vacuum levels up to 29” HgV with maximum efficiency throughout the vacuum range. Click here to learn more about DEKKER’s Woodworking Vacuum Solutions.

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Power + Performance + Price
Introducing the NEW series of liquid ring vacuum pump systems: the VmaxPLUS®. DEKKER's VmaxPLUS is a 10 HP oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system designed for the toughest applications – with advantages that include lower maintenance costs, zero downtime, smaller footprint and reduced noise levels. The VmaxPLUS outpowers, outperforms and outclasses comparable dry rotary vane pumps and comes with a full three-year warranty. Click to learn more.


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We understand vacuum requirements in the woodworking industry can be as unique as the products you manufacture, which is why we have the ability to design custom-engineered packages, centralize vacuum systems and offer a wide array of materials of construction (including cast iron and stainless steel).

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