Welcome to Vacuum University.

You will notice that this page is under construction and may wonder why we even have it up. Truthfully, we are so excited about Vacuum University that we felt it important to prime the pump so to speak prior to its official launch with a statement of why it even exists.

Why Vacuum University?


When it comes to vacuum, there is not a wide understanding of the fundamentals and advanced aspects of this subject, although its use is critical to almost all manufacturing and service industries. The genesis of this project occurred when we conducted research on the availability of training for vacuum concepts and found a huge void. My vision was to create clear, fun and easy-to-understand training courses with varying degrees of complexity, depending on the user’s level of interest in the subject. From entry level courses to more in-depth courses, Vacuum University will enable the user to develop a basic or advanced understanding of vacuum and how it applies to their specific applications. With this knowledge, users will be able to make more informed decisions for their needs, including the different types of vacuum-producing equipment available and the impact their applications may have on these different technologies. We welcome your feedback, which will help us to continually improve the content that we are offering at Vacuum University.

Very truly yours,

Rick Dekker, CEO, Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.




Launch Schedule

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